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Senior Living Dining at The Village

At The Village, we provide seniors three nutritious, well-planned, chef-prepared, tasty meals each and every day, but food is much more than just nutrition. Sharing a meal can be a joyous social time, filled with laughter and storytelling. Cooking and baking allow seniors to express their creativity. Food can be a source of entertainment and is an important part of celebrating any occasion.

Take a look at our delicious Breakfast and Village Fare menu options!

Windsor Dining Room

In our spacious, light-filled, ground-floor dining room, we serve you three meals per day, featuring regional cuisine and farm-to-table products, some grown right here at The Village.

Light Bites

Take advantage of your kitchenette to fix up a sandwich, a salad, or a bowl of soup. Pop something out of the freezer into the microwave. Or fix up something in the Smith & Sons Kitchen and bring it to your room. Whatever you’d like.

Edson Bistro

The Bistro is the spot for casual dining. Relax by the fire and order off the menu or pick up a ready-made sandwich, soup, or salad, and eat at your leisure.

Treats, Celebrations and Snacks

Creative hospitality is at the heart of Village senior living, and each week will bring new surprises. One week it might be fresh strawberries from Edgewater Farms, and another it’s a basket of straight-from-the-tree apples from Poverty Lane Orchards. Summer barbecues on the patio. High Tea on the scenic fifth floor. A Super Bowl spread. Mint juleps for the Kentucky Derby. We’ll use any excuse to celebrate with great food.

Smith & Sons Kitchen

This well-equipped, gourmet farmhouse-style kitchen on the third floor is the residents’ own community kitchen, and it’s available anytime. Fix your own specialty or reserve the kitchen for a special home-cooked meal. Guest chefs offer cooking demonstrations and classes.

Room Service

If you'd like, we'll deliver your meal right to your apartment, fresh from the kitchen.


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