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"From the first contact I could see a huge difference in The Village compared to other assisted living centers I had visited. I am in the middle of a process of moving my parent and the timeline is a bit uncertain, yet all my questions have been quickly and cheerfully answered, additional effort made to provide video of the apartment to help with making the decision, a flexible deposit program that was affordable yet gives us the option to take or decline any specific opening. Having apartments available was also key, as this will be a transition in the next 6 months or sooner. The folks I met were so warm and genuine, there was no talking down to the residents and I could see the respect the staff had for the residents, important to me as my parent is a bright, educated, vibrant person. I could see this would be a setting where she could feel positive about moving into this next stage, not doing mindless jigsaw puzzles and bingo to pass the time, but the entire setting of a 'boutique hotel' offers elegance, dignity, invitation, and a sense of opening opportunities, not closing them down or simply passing time. I appreciated that the common areas were not filled with people, rather I had a sense that the residents came, went, socialized, had time on their own, in a self-chosen manner for someone who is having to give up some well-earned independence in their last years. I also talked to other families with parents and close friends there and other than the food getting a 'ho-hum'rating (not a big deal for us, it all looks perfectly fine if not cordon bleu --and who wants that everyday anyway? Life is more interesting than eating fancy meals) I heard all positives. The final point I heard and hope will continue was the creativity and flexibility as a resident's situation might change--a real feeling th at the philosophy was that this was their last home hopefully where they would peacefully end their days.

The price tag is painful, but clearly there is a difference and if the staffing in real time resembles my impressions upon visiting, then it will be worth it. I could easily see visiting my parent here often and happily, and the location also affords us opportunities to be out in the broader WRJ community as well--not stuck out where only group vans provide transportation. I do appreciate that it does not clump all the elders together like geese!

The absence of chintz and fussy overstuffed chairs and curtains is delightful. It is modern and inviting. Also the residences are not so far from the elevator, a concern as my parent becomes a bit more frail and easily tired. Other settings had long, institutional hallways that would be too great a workout. IT is cleverly designed. The meal options seem more than adequate to ensure something of choice for meals, and the theater, art studio, and performance and exhibit spaces are behind wonderful.

Light. Bright. In town. Compact. Elegantly appointed. Many private spaces to enjoy alone or with a sense of an apartment building or hotel vs. a senior home. Concierge. Intermix of residents and staff at the helm of programs vs. residents simply recipients. Strong sense of the value and talents of the residents and opportunities to display and share them. Carol in particular is a real advantage to your facility--immediate response, caring and clearly devoted to her job and to helping find a good 'fit', understanding of the process which might not always fit the timeline of availability, endlessly patient, warm, and inviting. What a fine ambassador for The Village.

Carol was wonderful, full stop! The concierge experience was great, I was well-taken care of. I also didn't realize I knew Tammy as well (kids the same age) and having a familiar face that I respect also there gave me a lot of confidence in the facility being pretty much as good as it appeared in my visit. But hands down Carol is a gem.

As soon as my parent closes down their home in another state, within the next 6 months, we are planning to bring her to The Village. There really was no other option that even came close. But I truly hope that what I saw will continue into the future--whether the faces shift a bit, the philosophy has to remain centered on ensuring that these last years of lives well-lived are filled with new experiences that invite growth, curiosity, and engagement--opening the world up even as life is coming to and end. If this turns out to be what my parent experiences, it will be a gift beyond anything I could have hoped for having looked at other facilities. I hope whatever hand is at the helm can continue to lead this team into the future in the same manner. Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback."

Heart Chris Knippenberg
October 2023

"As a healthcare navigator, I often step into fraught family situations. Such was the case when I reached out to Carol. She was instrumental in helping me successfully come to a solution for all members of the family for whom I was working. Carol was unfailingly professional, compassionate and knowledgeable.

My client needed to find a place to live in less than two weeks. Carol made it happen. When my client was wheeled into her new apartment, with a view of the woods, I could see her whole body relax. When Carol told her that she could have her own cat in the apartment, she said, "You have a customer."

Having worked with The Village before, I look forward to my client settling in and discovering that she will feel like more than a customer at The Village."

HeartLori H.
September 2023

"After many months at The Village dealing with a serious illness, I will soon be returning home. I owe a great debt of thanks to the people whose attention and kindness made me feel welcomed and cared for in assisted living here, especially Carol and Tammy in the office, Leslie, the head nurse, and med. tech. Shari. I will not forget you."

HeartSophia S.
September 2023

"My mom has just moved into The Village. We have been deeply impressed with the team here, especially their flexibility, respectfulness, and responsiveness in what is inevitably a very complex and emotional transition for the whole family. No other community we visited or interacted with was so consistently engaged with us during the exploration, evaluation, and decision process. In the selection process we were especially impressed with The Village's thoughtful and flexible approach to memory care — allowing for a continuum of care rather than an all-or-nothing locked unit. The facility itself is beautifully designed and maintained in great condition. At this stage I would highly recommend this community to any family who need this level of assisted living."

HeartAndy C.
September 2023

"After many months at The Village dealing with a serious illness, I will soon be returning home. I owe a great debt of thanks to the people whose attention and kindness made me feel welcomed and cared for in assisted living here, especially Carol and Tammy in the office, Leslie, the head nurse, and med. tech. Shari. I will not forget you."

Google IconSophia S.
May 2023

"My Father has been a resident of The Village for 2 1/2 years. Over that time he has gone through a number of health issues and a lot of personal changes in his life. During this time, the staff at the Village have been nothing but FANTASTIC!! From Nikki, to Suzette and Carol and Leslie they have been supportive, accommodating and loving. My dad feels well cared for and valued. Our entire family is so so appreciative for all the good care that our dad receives from the entire staff at the Village. We know he is safe and in good hands."

Google IconDavid C.
April 2023

"I can't express how very happy we have been with our choice of the Village at WRJ for our parents. From the very first moment, we have been so impressed. It was very difficult to convince my mother that this was where she needed to be. She just wasn't "ready". Tammy let me know that everyone would work with us to make this transition as easy as possible. Tammy, Carol, and Suzette made the move in day an easy one. They worked as a seamless team. Louis is incredibly supportive and encouraging. He never fails to greet us by name and let us know how things are going. During the round table meeting with the staff, Nicky immediately reassured us that what we were feeling and fearing was completely normal and to be expected. They have been with us every step of the way. I am blown away by how everyone knows my parents by name and they are all truly eager to help and support them. Carol has been in constant contact via text and phone calls to let me know how things are going and checking in on me. I would love to name each and every person I have met, because everyone has truly been so very caring. It is very apparent that everyone at the Village loves what they are doing and they love the people they care for. As I told Carol, I feel as if we have gained a new family. Thank you!"

Google IconMary Jo W.
April 2023

"My mother resided in the memory care unit at The Village at White River Junction for the last three years of her life. She enjoyed a large private room, good food, and most importantly, attentive and loving care from the staff. Her mobility issues in her final year were especially challenging, as The Village is not equipped for residents who are completely non-ambulatory, but the staff were willing to work with the family to overcome them with the help of a special wheelchair. We were very happy that our mother was able to spend her last days there. To re-iterate, the memory care staff, especially, were lovely to interact with, and unquestionably made our mother's life significantly richer and more easeful, through their attention."

Google IconMichael D.
April 2023

"First, an overall thank you for offering such a warm, welcoming place for my dad to live at this point in his life.

I’d also like to offer some specific points that have been particularly appreciated:

1) When my dad first moved in, Carol suggested that we reserve the Smith & Sons kitchen for a private family lunch. We would not have otherwise thought of this so soon after arriving, but it turned out to be a very special family time, especially with my kids there too. Also, the space was perfect, light-filled and large enough not only to host our group but to feel genuinely like a home.

2) The lovely common spaces -such as the library , the rooftop pub and terrace, and the Sunflower room have all added so much to his quality of life. My dad had places to be and enjoy that were easy to access and also a real change of scenery and activity . The tasteful decor and lighting made them very pleasant and calming, and it was so nice to be able to visit while also looking out on the activity of WRJ with the hills beyond.

3) The staff has been pleasant and responsive. For instance, I especially appreciate the extra effort made by Tim, a nurse in memory care who tried to help my dad after my mom kept running into bureaucratic hurdles regarding an important medical issue by calling them himself and then making key suggestion that driving to office to try to get response in person might help, which seemed to help break logjam and calmed my mom down too. While that might seem obvious, it was hard to focus after going around in administrative circles repeatedly on such an important issue for my dad so was good advice to get.

4) Finally, thank you also to the chef and team for making such great food!

HeartKarin M.
April 2023

"When it became too hard for me to take care of my husband, I was glad that the Village was able to do that. My husband is receiving wonderful care and attention from everybody at the Village. The nurses and caregivers are on top of what his needs are. My husband is receiving stimulation in that he can wheel his wheelchair and find books in the library with my son being with him and also can bring him in his wheelchair to many places in the Village, for instance the art gallery. One Bayada caregiver brought him to the fitness room where he thoroughly enjoyed the exercise bike.

In addition, Tammy Latvis has been outstanding in that she has supported me in all my questions on issues which have come up.

I can heartily recommend The Village."

Heart I.McEwen
March 2023

"The Village is a terrific place! It is clean, the rooms are a nice size, the staff is friendly and caring. My mother is safe, no longer wandering, her meds are properly managed and she is eating well with 24/7 support. She is happy there, comfortable with the routine and loves mingling with the other residents and staff as well as participating in some of the activities!"

Heart Denise B.
March 2022

"My parents moved to the Village from another facility. The transition went well, the staff are welcoming and kind, the food is good, and there are many activities for them to choose from. Highly recommend!"

HeartSusan P.
November 2021

"We moved both of my parents to The Village from another facility and are so happy we did. The Village is a family and we have peace of mind knowing they are so well taken care of by people who truly care about them.

All of the staff are great but I have to mention Carol Kolenski, Move In Coordinator. Carol is incredible - professional, responsive and caring. She played a big part in our decision to move our parents after we met her and took a tour. More importantly, my parents both love her. Dad recently mentioned that she adds so much happiness to his day."

Google IconSarah I.
November 2021

"I moved my mother to The Village four months ago.... She is very happy at the Village at White River Junction. She raves about the food and is very happy with the staff. They keep her very busy which she loves. She has gone to restaurants, shopping and even a horse show. They made a big deal of her 95th birthday with a delicious luncheon. The facilities are clean and beautiful and there is always something to do."

HeartSusan F.
July 2021

"Thank you to Jodi and all the Directors/Staff for making my father's transition successful! We had no choice but to move my father during the State COVID mandates. The Village has tremendous protective protocols for residents, staff and building. I don't think twice about my father's safety or care, he is very happy there."

heartMaria A.
July 2021

"I moved my mom here from AZ from a very elite retirement community. We were a bit nervous about the move as the AZ facility was very posh. the AZ rooms and food were fabulous. My father passed so we wanted to move my mom east to be closer to family. We searched all over VT, NH and MA for a place she would be comfortable. Much to my surprise we picked WRJ, VT. That said, my mom is thriving and doing much better than in AZ. She has met very genuine friends.

The nurses and medical providers are super nice and personable. They accept my mom for her attributes as well as limitations. Carol the director of admissions has gone above and beyond to meet our questions and concerns even after we signed the contract. The food is great and WRJ is thriving these days. She can go on trips and out to dinner or stay home and socialize with family and friends. I could not be more thrilled with our choice after weeks of searching and meeting with various providers. I would highly recommend The Village at WRJ."

HeartTina A.
August 2021
"We came from another facility and The Village has been a wonderful change. My Mother is in the memory care unit. The staff is enthusiastic, attentive and joyful and more importantly responsive to families concerns. The facility is beautifully appointed with wonderful amenities that support both residents and families. The activities are both enriching to family members who attend and fun for residents. The food is very good. But the real test is my Mother. She never expressed satisfaction in our prior facility but regularly tells us she is happy here. All the other residents seem happy as well which means they are kind and friendly to one another. I would highly recommend The Village."
HeartSally B.
August 2021
"My husband with dementia moved to Memory Care at The Village two weeks ago. He has been welcomed, as have I, by a warm and caring staff who are friendly and helpful and eager to make the transition from our home to The Village as easy as possible. His living space is lovely, the meals are well prepared and delicious, and he is enjoying getting to know other residents and staff members. As a gregarious, outgoing person who suffered from lack of social contact during the COVID isolation, he is now enjoying a more normal life with interactions with staff and fellow residents. As his full time caregiver for the past 18 months, I am now getting more sleep at night and am comforted knowing he is safe and very well cared for. And, by the way, the Village is an absolutely beautiful nearly new facility with more amenities than you could imagine!"
HeartDonna N.
July 2021
"My Mom has resided at The Village for 2 years and I could not imagine a more perfect place for her to be, as she navigates her way through the many stages and challenges of dementia. The facility is beautiful, the staff is incredibly compassionate and attentive, and most importantly she is happy, safe and secure in “her home”. Her comfortable studio apartment, the exceptional food, daily stimulating and engaging activities, and caring staff make her feel she is where she should be and wants to be. The connection and communication between staff and our family allows us to be contact when we are not able to be with her, in person. And I would be remiss if I did not commend the entire staff on their exceptional perseverance and care during the COVID pandemic. How fortunate we are to have such an exceptionally wonderful place for my Mom to reside."
HeartBobbi D..
July 2021

"My wife and I have lived at the Village at White River Junction for over a year and a half now I have been deeply impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of all the staff, from office to maintenance, nursing, housekeeping, and culinary, for the welfare and comfort of residents. Not withstanding the stresses and strains imposed by the sudden and unexpected spread of COVID-19 in early 2020, and the need for new restrictions and procedures, we were all well looked after and kept both safe as well as comfortable throughout.

Proximity to emergency and health service as well as well as the facilities of the town having a great advantage throughout.

The indoors exercise room, library, music room, and gallery have been popular for all who can make use of them.

With changes in the weather through spring and summer and the opportunities for outdoor activities, we’ve been able to avail of well-planned outings and picnics, open air leisure time in the compact garden, and penthouse terrace. And finally, facilities for receiving guests and family for visits and meals have been a very welcome revival in recent weeks."

HeartJivat T.
July 2021
"There are so many things that we love about The Village at White River Junction; that they are too numerous to mention, but the main thing that we think that everyone should know about is that the staff is exceptional. Everyone greets us with a smile and “hello”. They are terrific. They will do anything for you. The staff is simply wonderful. We appreciate the fact that our privacy and dignity are always honored and respected.

We also enjoy the Smith and Sons kitchen for family gatherings and the cooking demonstrations are one of our favorite activities. We work out in the Latham Gym every day and attend tai-chi classes as well. Sometimes we just like to relax and read in the Landmark Library. The food at The Village at White River Junction is very good with a variety of choices.
We are so content here at The Village!"
HeartEdwin & Doris F.
July 2021

"After my wife passed away, my children and I had a lot of conversations about what would be best for me. I had many options to consider and I decided The Village fit my needs the best. I enjoy my new friendships and my children and friends like coming to visit me here. For me, The Village exceeds expectations."

HeartBob D.
June 2021
"Dear Carol, please forgive me, this letter is long overdue. I have wanted to reach out and thank you and your associates since the day you so warmly welcomed my wife, Gloria, into your family at The Village, White River Junction. You were just what Gloria needed to make her feel comfortable during the move-in transition. Then your staff took over showering Gloria with compassionate care, loving support and genuine affection, making her feel as a loving member of her new large integrated family. I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for your continued support and care of Gloria. Thanks to all of you I sleep very well knowing she's in your very capable hands."
HeartJoseph R.
October 2020

Glossary of Terms

A seal of approval given by a governing body to a housing and/or service provider. To become accredited, the community or provider must meet specific requirements set by the accreditation entity and is then generally required to undergo a thorough review process by a team of evaluators to ensure certain standards of quality.

Daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, assistance with medications, and transfers.

Generally, a licensed professional who manages the day-to-day operation of a care facility such as a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Assisted living is a senior housing option for those who have difficulty living independently or who choose to pursue the stimulating lifestyle offered by The Village. Those who choose this option may need help with activities of daily living, including but not limited to bathing, dressing grooming, eating, housekeeping services and transfers.

A progressive, neurodegenerative disease characterized by loss of function and death of nerve cells in several areas of the brain, leading to loss of mental functions such as memory and learning.

Describes the ability to walk around and move from place to place, not bedridden or hospitalized.

A community that offers several levels of assistance, including independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care. These communities usually offer long-term contracts or written agreements between the resident and the community which offer a continuum of housing, services and health care system, usually all on one campus or site.

The severe loss of intellectual functions, such as thinking, remembering and reasoning. Dementia is not a disease itself but a group of symptoms that may accompany certain diseases or conditions. Symptoms may include changes in personality, mood and behavior. Dementia is irreversible when caused by disease or injury, but may be reversible when caused by drugs, alcohol, depression, or hormone and vitamin imbalances.

Designates any proficient adult(s) to see to an individual’s affairs should they become either mentally or physically incapacitated. It is imperative to keep good, clear records of such agreements and recommended that you have a lawyer draft any durable power of attorney.

This act states the requirements that a long-term care policy must follow in order that the premiums paid may be deducted as medical expenses and benefits not paid be considered as taxable income.

An approach to providing comfort and care at end of life rather than providing heroic lifesaving measures. Hospice care can include medical, counseling, and social services. Most hospice care is in-home, while specialized hospices or hospitals also provide these services.

A legal document that states the wishes of an individual who is no longer competent and able to make decisions on his or her own. Living wills address the use of life-saving devices and procedures in the event of a terminal illness or injury.

Care given in the form of medical and support services to someone who has lost some or all of his or her capacity to function due to an illness or disability.

Insurance that pays for a succession of care giving services for the elderly or chronically ill. This care may be provided in a community or in an individual’s home with a nurse or aide.

LPNs are trained to administer technical nursing procedures, as well as provide a range of health care services, such as administration of medication and changing of dressings. One year of post-high school education and passage of a state licensing exam are required.

The partnership of insurance and a health care delivery system. The goal is to coordinate all health care services received to maximize benefits and minimize costs. Managed care plans use their own network of health care providers and a system of prior approval from a primary care doctor to achieve this goal. Providers include: specialists, hospitals skilled nursing facilities, therapists, and home health care agencies.

Formalized procedure with a written set of rules for the management of self-administered medicine. A program may include management of the timing and dosage for residents in assisted living and could include coordination with a resident’s personal physician.

State-licensed facility that provides 24-hour nursing care, room and board, and activities for convalescent residents and those with chronic and/or long-term care illnesses - one step below hospital acute care. Regular medical supervision and rehabilitation therapy are mandated to be available, and nursing homes are eligible to participate in the Medicaid program. May be referred to as a Nursing Facility or Convalescent Home.

An area of health care that focuses on providing pain relief and preventing chronic suffering for patients. The goal of palliative care is to improve the quality of life in all areas of a patient’s life, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and social concerns that arise with advanced illness.

A Registered Nurse is a nurse who has passed a state board examination and is licensed by a state agency to practice nursing. A minimum of two years of college is required, in addition to passing the state exams. The RN plans for resident care by assessing resident needs, developing and monitoring care plans in conjunction with physicians, as well as executing highly technical, skilled nursing treatments.

Therapeutic care for persons requiring intensive physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

Temporary relief from duties for caregivers, ranging from several hours to days. May be provided in-home or in a residential care setting such as an assisted living facility or nursing home.

A supplemental income provided by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs available to veterans and their spouses. The veteran must have served at least one day during wartime. Resources: Guide to Using VA Benefits for Assisted Living |

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