Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - A Memory Care Program®

Memory Care

2022 Bronze Level Award Winner

Each member of our memory care team is trained in the innovative and proven Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program® , a comprehensive program based on the latest in memory care research and best practices.

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS Memory Care Program® is an individualized program that starts with getting to know each resident’s life story, focusing on each resident’s capabilities. Then we develop a personalized plan that concentrates on each resident’s unique abilities and celebrates each small success.

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS promotes dignity and a sense of accomplishment in day-to-day activities, supports improved self-worth, self-esteem, and overall health and well-being; and reduces fear, anxiety and frustration.

Why are Heartfelt CONNECTIONS Memory Care Programs® important?

The Village at White River Junction is proud to offer Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program®.

Gain an inside perspective on the effects of Agitation, Bathing, Communication, Exercise, Hallucinations, Rummaging, Sundowning and Wandering in the videos below.

For example, learn about some of the common causes of agitation or aggression such as pain, depression, stress, too little sleep, constipation, or sudden changes in routine. Or learn how to keep loved ones prone to wander safe with and ID or medical bracelet that’s enrolled in the MedicAlert Safe Return program.

Our videos may help you and your loved one navigate the challenges you're facing.

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - Agitation

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - Bathing

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - Communication

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - Exercise

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - Hallucinations

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - Rummaging

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - Sundowning

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS - Wandering

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