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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living offers you an opportunity to remain independent while receiving assistance with activities of daily living. This is a great option when the level of medical and rehabilitative care of a nursing home is not required, and you just need a little help with daily activities. Activities of daily living include tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, walking, providing or administering medications and more. Our staff may also assist with housekeeping, shopping, laundry—whatever you need to maintain your independence for as long as possible. At The Village, our goal is to assist people in living rich and full lives.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care provides a specialized environment for residents coping with memory loss, Alzheimer’s, or other related impairments. Therapeutic activities and programs help maximize existing cognitive abilities, diminish anxiety, lessen confusion, and increase peace of mind.

How is Memory Care different from Assisted Living?

Memory care communities are often licensed as assisted living communities, but the staff has undergone additional training to handle the needs of those who have memory issues. Programming designed specifically for those with memory impairments is also an important part of memory care, focusing on promoting physical and emotional well-being, prolonging daily functioning, and maintaining a sense of purpose, satisfaction, dignity, and quality of life.

When is living at home no longer an option?

This is a difficult decision for you or your loved ones, and there are many factors to consider. Withdrawal from social and family activities can be an indication. Ongoing health problems that need monitoring or unsteadiness that could lead to falls may mean some supervision is desirable. A tendency to remain in bedclothes could indicate that a senior has trouble dressing without assistance. Significant weight loss could be an indication of either an underlying untreated medical problem or difficulty in preparing healthful meals. When a senior has difficulty remembering important information or repeatedly asks the same questions, a significant memory issue could exist. Inability to manage financial affairs could leave a senior vulnerable. Consultation with a medical or social service provider can help you make a decision for yourself or decide on a plan for your loved ones.

How can I help my parents transition to assisted living?

Life Care Services suggests an adult child ask parents questions that might help start the conversation. Some examples you can use as a guide to start the conversation when the moment is right include: Is your home still appropriate for your needs? Do you need help with household chores? Can you cook your favorite meals? Are you able to engage in the activities you love? Do you have an opportunity to interact with others? Do you feel comfortable driving? Would it be a great relief to have transportation available right at your door? Are your prescriptions current and are you taking your medications correctly? Have you seen the doctor lately? Do you get lonely, especially at mealtimes?

What amenities are available?

The Village at White River Junction includes purpose-built spaces that provide many opportunities for comfortable and active living. Lush gardens adorn several floors, providing beautiful spots for contemplation and raised beds for gardening. Dining options abound, from the formal dining room and a “country kitchen” suitable for resident and family meal preparation to a relaxing pub and prepared foods. Films will be screened in the classic movie theater, and the Miller Stage doubles as a venue for live performances and an open area for holiday parties and dances. Other amenities include a fitness center, an arts and crafts studio, a library/computer room, a full-service salon and spa, and more. The memory care community floor plan features two separate neighborhood wings, each with its own dining room and lounge areas, and an enclosed outdoor memory care garden with a walking path and seating areas.

Can residents bring their pets?

We welcome your small dogs and cats at The Village. We’re happy to assist in providing food and water, taking care of the litter box for cats or walking the dog, playtime, and routine grooming. Wells’ Perch is a natural oasis and residents’ off-leash dog park, with unique filtering synthetic grass, and Paw Prints is our dedicated pet salon; bathe and groom your own pets or schedule a visit with our in-house groomer. On-site veterinarian visits can be scheduled as well. (*some pet services are an additional fee)

Can residents bring their own furniture?

You are welcome to bring the furniture you love to make your apartment feel like home. If you’d like, we can arrange for you to consult with our expert designer at dpf Design Studio, who can offer an appropriate furnishings package for sale or help you design your own. To help you visualize the space, ask for copies of our floor plans.

What is the cost of Assisted Living and Memory Care?

We’re happy to have a conversation about pricing, which is based on the accommodations you feel are right for you. Pricing at The Village at White River Junction is based on a straight monthly fee; there is no initial “buy-in” cost; everything is included, with the exception of a few specialty services, such as spa/salon visits, pet grooming and veterinary care and off-site activities.

Does The Village accept Medicare or Medicaid?

In order to keep costs reasonable for all residents, we cannot accept Medicaid or Medicare assignment at this time.

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